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You should find the answer to any questions you may have about the SGFYM within the Terms and Conditions below.

If you do have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We recommend that all participants read and familiarise themselves with the Rules and Conditions of Entry before submitting their payment for a place on the SGFYM.

Thank you,

The SGFYM Committee.


Rules and Conditions of Entry

The South Glamorgan Festival for Young Musicians (SGFYM) is an annual event comprising both competitive and non-competitive classes in Piano, Strings, Wind, Brass, Vocal and Ensemble sections.

To be sure that you enter the correct classes with the correct choice of music, please take time to read all the information and rules.

Although entries are carefully checked, we cannot guarantee that errors will be detected.

General Guidelines and Rules

Competitor Eligibility:
The Festival is open to any non-professional young performer aged 18 years or under on the 31st of August in the year of the festival except for the Young Adult Instrumental Recital and Young Adult Song Recital classes which have an age restriction of 18 to 23 years.
Early entrants to Conservatoires, Music Colleges and Universities are not permitted to enter, except for the two Young Adult Recital Classes.
All non-competitive concert classes are age specific. Entrants are permitted to enter a class in advance of their age, but if they choose to do so they can not also enter a class for their age group. For example, as a junior you can enter Intermediate or Senior Classes. However, should you choose to do this, you cannot then enter the Junior class.
We do not offer infant competitive classes. Infants wishing to take part should enter the Infant non-competitive class or Junior competitive classes.

Entries must be made using our online booking system. If you are unable to use the online booking system, please contact the SGFYM secretary at info@sgfym.org.uk.

In 2023 we are running a one-day festival instead of the usual two days. This means that slots and classes are limited. Once all slots for each class are booked out, a waiting list will be opened. You will get notified if a place is available. We apologise in advance to anyone who might not get a slot to participate this year as we this is the first festival since the pandemic.

Please complete all details clearly as these will be used to compile the Festival programme.
Please keep a copy of the classes you have entered and bring it with you to the Festival on the day for personal reference.

SGFYM reserves the right to refuse, withdraw, divide or combine classes to accommodate the number of entries received.

Entry Fees:
Entry fees, as shown in this syllabus, are non-refundable.

Timetabling of classes:
All available classes and times are on the booking system. Just select the relevant class and you will be able to see the available slots. Once slots are booked out for each class you will be put on a waiting list. As soon as somebody cancels or a new class is opened up people from the waiting list will be offered a slot.

Repertoire and Timings:
Each class category gives information on the requirements and this need to be followed carefully. These include the type of music to be played, the level of difficulty, and the timings. Please adhere to the time limits allowed. The programming and adjudicators are scheduled precisely so performers going over time may be stopped without prejudice.
Any competitor performing a work other than that stated on the entry form will be disqualified; this means that the performance may be permitted and adjudicated but not considered for a medal and/or trophy.
An entry marked “To be announced” (or equivalent) will not be accepted.
Only one piece of music may be played or sung in all classes other than the non-competitive and specialist competitive classes where entrants can play more than one piece up to the time limit specified for their age group.
The same piece may not be played, by the same person, more than once during the festival weekend.
All vocal performances must be sung as a concert item, i.e. with no costume, props or movement.

Copies of Music:
The adjudicator must be provided with a complete copy of the music at the beginning of each class.
This copy should be marked clearly with the name of the competitor and the class entered.
This can be a photocopy which the Festival will dispose of afterwards in compliance with Copyright Law.
The original must be in evidence at the performance in line with Copyright Law. Failure to conform may render disqualification.
To facilitate page turns single sheet copies are however allowed.

Entrants may use either their own accompanist or the official Festival accompanist. However an adult may not accompany any competitive instrumental ensemble.
Please note that pre-recorded accompaniments are not permitted.
If the official Festival accompanist is required, a copy of the accompaniment part of the music must be attached to your online form, the accompanist must also be paid for at the time of entry by selecting it on your online booking form.
Late applications for the accompanists are at the discretion of the committee and the accompanists.
Please note that the official accompanist is not available for specialist classes unless by private arrangement, whereby fees will be at the discretion of the accompanist.
All enquiries regarding the accompanist should be made by e-mail to info@sgfym.org.uk.

In most competitive classes a trophy or medal is awarded to the first place medal winner.
All trophies remain the property of the SGFYM. Medals can be kept by the participants.
The trophies must be returned to the address specified on the trophy receipt form (unless otherwise advised by letter) on the date specified by the SGFYM committee.
In the event of trophies not being returned the parent/guardian of the holder will be invoiced accordingly.
In the event of a tie for first place both entrants must sign for receipt of the trophy. They will be held jointly responsible for its safe return.
All trophy engraving must be arranged by the festival committee and undertaken by the official engravers.
The winners of the “Best of” category trophies are decided solely by the adjudicators and not by the SGFYM committee. These trophies will be awarded at the Gala concert.

Non-Competitive Classes:
These are for entrants who wish to perform in a more relaxed atmosphere.
All non-competitive classes are age specific. You must enter the correct category for your age range.
Those entering the non-competitive classes cannot then enter a competitive class on the same instrument, in the same category.
Entrants may play one piece of music up to the time limit specified for their age group.

Adult Participation:
Only in the non-competitive classes may an adult take part to conduct/ accompany an ensemble.
Non-competitive piano duets may be played with an adult in the junior classes only.

Instrumental Ensembles:
Instrumental ensembles should consist of a maximum of ten performers.
In all competitive instrumental ensemble classes, adults are not permitted to conduct or accompany.
All ensemble members must be named on the entry form.

Piano Duet and Trios:
Piano duets are to be played on ONE piano.
Children may play a piano duet with an adult in the non-competitive Infant and Junior concert classes only.
In all cases every performer must be named on the entry form.

Vocal Ensembles:
Vocal ensembles should consist of between 4 and 10 members.
An adult may accompany these ensembles, but any conductor must be of the same age group.

Specialist Recital Classes:
The recitalist classes are the most competitive classes of the festival weekend. Participants of the appropriate age group perform a programme of own-choice repertoire up to the indicated time limit. Recitalist classes are not instrument-specific.

The committee reserves the right to engage additional adjudicators, or substitute without notice any adjudicator who is unable to appear.
Awards may be withheld if, in the opinion of the adjudicator, sufficient merit is not shown.
No entrant, teacher, or interested party may discuss any aspect of the festival with an adjudicator before, during or after classes except at the invitation of the adjudicator.
A written adjudication will be given to each performer at the end of all classes but no marks will be included. These adjudications are based on the performance on the day; potential is not considered.
In all cases the adjudicators’ decisions are final.

Marking System:
The adjudicators use a marking scheme recommended by the committee in accordance with national standards.
Marks are used to indicate the quality of performance including difficulty of piece, posture, platform manner, technical ability and artistic merit.
Please note: these marks and recommendations will not be included on the adjudication sheet and are available for committee use only.

Gala Concert:
Some entrants will be invited to perform at the Gala Concert. Performers for this concert are recommended by the adjudicators, and not by the SGFYM committee. Every effort will be made to include all those recommended, however due to time constraints this may not always be possible.
PLEASE NOTE: It does not automatically follow that class winners will be recommended to perform at the Gala Concert.

Please note: The SGFYM committee cannot take responsibility for young people under the age of 16, or their possessions during the Festival weekend.
Parents and teachers are reminded that during the Festival, the safety of young people and their belongings are their responsibility and the SGFYM safeguarding policy should be observed at all times.
Should an entrant have additional needs, please contact the Secretary on info@sgfym.org.uk prior to the entry closing date. Please note that this information will not be shared with adjudicators and is for practical purposes only.

Recordings and Electronic Devices:
The use of electronic equipment for sound amplification is not allowed; all instruments must be acoustic.
NO VIDEO OR AUDIO RECORDING equipment is permitted to be used at any time during the classes or the Gala Concert: including mobile phones and cameras.
Winning competitors wishing to display their own photographs on the SGFYM website need to have completed the Parental Consent section on the online booking form in advance.

Data Protection:
In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1984 and GDPR, except for Festival Literature, SGYFM will not disclose personal data to any third party other than computer maintenance organisations as permitted by law.

The decision of the committee in all matters arising out of, or not specifically covered in these rules and regulations is final. Any protest about the infringement of these rules should be made in writing to the secretary within one week of the Festival and should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.
Changes to these rules and regulations are at the discretion of the committee. Any suggestions relating to these rules and regulations should be made in writing to the secretary at least three weeks before the AGM.

Full Name of organisation: South Glamorgan Festival for Young Musicians.

Festival Chair: Immanuel Voigt

Kings Monkton School, 6 West Grove, Cardiff. CF24 3XL (Festival and the collection/return of trophies); The City United Reformed Church, Windsor Place, Cardiff.CF10 3BZ (Gala Concert).

Purpose and Function of the Festival and Festival Concert:
To provide a performance opportunity for young singers and instrumentalists.

This Policy will be freely available to all and will be displayed during the Festival. It is available on the SGFYM website and will be sent out to all competitors and teachers. SGFYM aim to involve and inform parents/guardians/carers and teachers to ensure as far as it is reasonably practicable, a safe environment at the Festival.

To Whom Does this Policy Apply:
This policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults of any age who are identified to the organisers prior to their arrival at the Festival. This should be done by contacting a member of the committee, or by indicating on the entry form. The Festival actively seeks to meet any special needs notified in advance to the committee by parents/ carers / guardians/ and/or teachers to enable all participants to gain the most from their involvement in this event.

Festival Personnel:
All SGFYM committee members hold valid DBS certificates. The SGFYM is run entirely by volunteers who help ensure the smooth running of the Festival by acting as stewards but their duties do not include the supervision of children. The SGFYM keep records of all volunteers in accordance with current guidelines SGFYM personnel can be easily identified by badges bearing the SGFYM logo. Any problems should be addressed to the committee members or stewards in the first instance. All problems will be taken seriously and documented accordingly in the incident book

Attendance at the Festival:
The Festival is not responsible for childcare in the full meaning of The Protection of Children Act 1999. Parents/guardians/carers are reminded that they are the primary carers and the safety and good conduct of all children is totally their responsibility while attending the Festival and Concert. Where parents/ guardians/carers are not attending the Festival they must be satisfied that their children are properly supervised by another responsible adult acting on their behalf. SGFYM personnel are not permitted to take on this role.

The Venue:
Kings Monkton School, 6 West Grove, Cardiff. CF24 3XL (Festival), and Whitchurch Community Centre, are open to the public on the dates of the Festival and the SGFYM has no overall control over those who may choose to attend. Every effort will be made to ensure that parents/guardians/carers are able to stay within sight of their children but it will be ultimately their responsibility to do so.
Performers are invited to take part in the Festival concert at The City United Reformed Church, Cardiff on the recommendation of the Festival Adjudicators. SGFYM supervise groups of children ‘backstage’. When children are brought back to the auditorium after their performance they will then be seated and their supervision will become the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer.

Recording Equipment:
NO VIDEO OR AUDIO RECORDING equipment is permitted at any time during the Festival or Gala Concert:
(including mobile phones and cameras) Children may be asked to have a still photograph taken by the SGFYM, which may be used on SGFYM website, notice boards, or may be used for future advertising.
An appropriate parental consent form must be signed for this purpose.

The Legislation and Guidance that supports this Policy:
The Children Act 1989, The Police Act 1997, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Protection of Children Act 1999., The Criminal Justice & Court Services Act 2000, Children Act 2004.

Policy Review:
The Festival Organisers will constantly review their policy, improving and enhancing as necessary. In doing so they will look to the British & International Federation of Festivals for support and that body in turn will look to other appropriate agencies for good practice.

As part of the booking process you will be asked to confirm that you are over 18 and consent to having your photograph taken and/or used on our website and/or social media.

If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian fill in this form and bring it with you when you come to the festival.

We reserve the right to remove any photographs at any time.

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